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If you received a traffic ticket and you care about your driving record, it is highly recommended to hire a traffic ticket defense lawyer.  We can reduce your traffic charges or dismiss you without appearing in court.

We offer our clients with the following services:

* Speeding Fines
* No Passing Zone Fines
* Caught Driving Without Car Insurance Fines
* Caught Texting While Driving Fines
* Caught Driving On Wrong Side Of Divided Highway Fines    
* Caught Driving on a Suspended License Fines    
* Caught Driving on a Cancelled License Fines    
* Caught Driving on a Revoked License Fines    
* Caught Driving under the influence of Alcohol and Illicit Drugs    
* Caught Driving without License    
* Failing to Stop at a Red Light Fines    
* Failing to Pay Traffic Fines Violation    
* Illegal Lane Change Fines    
* Leaving Scene Of Traffic Accident
* Reckless Driving after an Injury-Causing Accident
* Following Too Closely or “Tailgating” Fines    
* Failure to Yield Accident
* Failure To Signal a Stop or Turn Fines    
* Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device Fines

If you get a ticket, remember the following points:

* You have options
* Never argue with a police or a prosecutor about a point
* Hiring a lawyer is minimall than being found guilty
* Do not believe easily that you can talk your way out without legal representation
* There are mandatory driver responsibility fees($200-1000 a year for 2 years) assessed for any conviction

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